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Paranormal Activity Available For Oculus Rift And HTC Vive On March 14th, 2017

“Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” virtual reality horror game will be available on March 14 via Steam Early Access. The new VR game is said to be based on the popular “Paranormal Activity” horror movie franchise. The game will have support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift upon release while support for PlayStation VR is still being developed.

The “Paranormal Activity” horror movie franchise was a certified box office hit despite the fact that it was developed using a relatively low budget. The first “Paranormal Activity” movie managed to rake in $193.4 million despite working on a $15,000 budget.

Now, a video game based on the hit horror movie franchise has been developed and set to be released next month. The game is developed by Los Angeles-based VRWerx.

“Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” will not just be an ordinary video game as it is developed as a virtual reality game. Banking on the success of the horror movie franchise and the Resident Evil 7 PlayStation VR success, the “Paranormal Activity” VR game is sure to take horror video game to a whole new level.

“Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” VR game is a collaborative effort between VRWerx and Paramount pictures. The soon to be released virtual reality horror game was developed using the Unreal Engine.

Back in October, the horror VR game was demoed around the country. This demo of the VR game coincided with the release of the movie “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.”

“Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” VR horror game will have a support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive once it is released via Steam Early Access. According to Shacknews, “Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” PlayStation VR game will also be developed.

The upcoming horror virtual reality game will be available on Steam Early Access on March 14. No details about the “Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” PlayStation VR horror game has been released. A new trailer for the upcoming horror VR game was featured by IGN.

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February 17th, 2017 – 8:09 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps