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Sharknado VR available August 2018!

Somethings about to be blowing in with the storm…Sharknado VR “Eye Of The Storm” available August 2018! You are stranded in the eye of a tornado…wait, is that a shark? A SHARKNADO! Sharknado: Eye of the Storm is a glorious 360 VR multi level bone shaker. Using weapons ranging from a chainsaw to shotgun to a machine gun and everything in between, you must try and survive the onslaught of sharks. Oh, and you have to save as many people as you can all while dodging Barracudas, Octopuses and poisonous Jellyfish too. You better cancel your plans for the afternoon. The world needs you!

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Autumn VR is pleased to be announcing the Sharknado: Eye of the Storm arcade version release early August 2018. The arcade edition will be released on Steam, Oculus, iOS and Android for a sneak peek for what is to come!

Sharknado: Eye of the Storm is a 360 VR game and experience. The arcade edition will be a sneak peek of the full game. Players will have access to one full level and a limited selection of weapons, but will still work towards saving themselves, other survivors and the world.

In the full release, gamers will be able to put themselves in the midst of a raging storm where they will have to use a variety of weapons to fend off the impending doom. From chainsaws to shotguns to machine guns, players will find themselves defending themselves and rescuing survivors from a barrage of enemies. Look forward to dodging barracudas, octopuses, jellyfish and more in their quest to save the world.

Keep your eye out for more information regarding release dates and locations near you.